Practice Limited to Endodontics


What is a root canal?  

​Root canal therapy is the cleaning, shaping, disinfecting, and filling of the root canal(s) of the diseased tooth.  A root canal treated tooth usually functions normally as a pulp-less tooth. Root canals are done to save your tooth, when the pulp/nerve has become infected. Without root canal therapy, an infected tooth would most likely need to be extracted. Treatment may require more than one appointment, depending upon the condition of the tooth.

What to expect during your visit?  Does it hurt?

Dr. Patel will review your medical history and listen to your concerns and questions.  After listening and discussing your situation, he will complete an exam to diagnose the problem.  Once the problem is diagnosed, he will discuss possible therapies and discuss the pros/cons of each therapy.  

At your root canal therapy appointment,  Dr. Patel will use local anesthesia (similar to when you get a dental filling) to numb up the tooth.  After your tooth is numb, you should feel no discomfort or pain at all.  A rubber dam is placed to protect you and isolate the tooth.  If for any reason during the procedure, you need Dr. Patel to pause, Dr. Patel will stop immediately to address your question.  Once the procedure is completed, a temporary restoration will be placed, and he will discuss if any medications will be needed.  

He will refer you back to your General Dentist and a report will be sent to your General Dentist.  At any time preceding, during, or after treatment, if you have any questions for Dr. Patel, please do not hesitate to ask!  

What services do you provide?

As an Endodontist, Dr. Patel is highly trained and specialized in the following services: Root Canal Therapy, Root Canal Retreatment, Microsurgery & Apicoectomy, Internal Bleaching, Diagnosis and Treatment of Tooth Pain, Diagnosis of Cracked Teeth, Tooth Trauma, and Dental Emergencies. Dr. Patel also provides treatment under